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Don't Trash EP!

Every year, El Paso Water and City of El Paso crews clean up over 140,000 pounds of illegally dumped trash. That’s equal to the weight of a herd of elephants! Trash in waterways causes drains and channels to become blocked, resulting in flooding onto nearby streets and property. Plastic, Styrofoam, paper and scrap food should not be thrown onto streets or desert areas since winds often carry items into waterways, including arroyos, canals or channels.

It is also illegal to dump paint, motor oil, grease, lawn chemicals, trash and other materials in waterways. These materials can hurt or kill plants and animals and make humans or pets sick. They also pollute the Rio Grande, which is an important water source for El Paso.

If you witness illegal dumping in waterways, report it by calling 311.

What to Report:

  • Location
  • License plate number, vehicle description
  • Description of person(s) dumping illegally

Dispose of waste properly:

  • Keep construction debris, household items (appliances and furniture) and rubbish items (tires, old car parts, shopping carts, etc.) out of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streets, drains, culverts, arroyos, channels and ditches. Keep these waterways free and clear.
  • Use drip pans and absorbents to catch vehicle fluids while working on your car. Best Management Practices for Automotive Maintenance (pdf)
  • Residential customers within the City of El Paso may dispose of these and other household wastes at the Citizen Collection Centers.
  • Pet waste can carry bacteria, parasites and viruses into stormwater, which could end up discharging into the Rio Grande. Always clean up after pets.

Partners to Prevent Illegal Dumping

llegal dumping is a problem across the City and the County of El Paso. Other agencies are just as active  if not more so  in cleaning up the trash in waterways and across our community. EPWater extends a special thanks to the City of El Paso's Environmental Services Department and El Paso County Water Improvement District #1 for their cleanup efforts to keep El Paso beautiful and for their partnership in this public service campaign.

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