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We are El Paso Water, and we are growing by leaps and bounds. Part of dealing with that growth includes working on infrastructure and construction projects. There are 2,653 miles of water lines in El Paso. Our construction projects include continual upgrades, rehabilitation and expansions to our water, wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater systems.

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Sometimes, construction may cause traffic disruptions or other inconveniences. Please give yourself extra time and be patient as we work to improve our systems. For construction and service updates in your area, sign up at

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Water Projects

Peyton Road Water Line Extension

Start Date – Fall 2021
Completion Date – Winter 2021
Construction Cost – $547,930
Description – El Paso Water is expanding the water infrastructure system in East El Paso to meet water demands in a new subdivision currently under design by constructing a new 16-inch water main along Payton Road.

Redd Road Reservoir Rehabilitation

Start Date – Fall 2021
Completion Date – Spring 2022
Construction Cost – $3,375,773
Description – El Paso Water will rehabilitate an aging reservoir located in West El Paso by replacing roof, floor, and structural columns. Rehab will also consist of performing grit blasting of the interior and exterior coating and replacement of the concrete pipe system.

Vinton Water Line Extension

Start Date – Fall 2021
Completion Date – Spring 2022
Construction Cost – $1,023,307
Description – El Paso Water will install .46 miles of 16-inch water transmission line. This line is part of a system of improvements to increase the capacity of the water system in the Vinton and Westway area.

Montana East Water Main Improvements

Start Date – Winter 2021
Completion Date – Spring 2022
Construction Cost – $2,867,290
Description – El Paso Water will install 1.62 miles of 24-inch water pipeline along Marvin Lane and Greg Road in East El Paso. In addition, 290 linear feet of 12-inch water pipeline, steel casing, valves and fittings will be installed. This project will provide a second water line allowing for more reliable service in the area.

Vista Del Este & Ranchos Real Elevated Storage Tanks

Start Date – Fall 2018
Completion Date – Spring 2022
Construction Cost – $10,408,000
Description – Two new elevated storage tanks will be installed in East El Paso as part of this project. The new 2 million-gallon Ranchos Real tank will be installed near Lago Point and Lookout Point, and the new 2.5 million-gallon Vista Del Este tank will be installed near Edgemere and Vista Del Este. Not only will the tanks provide an additional 4.5 million gallons of local water storage  to the Eastside, the sites will be beautified with rock walls and wrought iron gates.

North 2 Pump Station

Start Date – Winter 2019
Completion Date – Spring 2022
Construction Cost – $3,699,870.20 (25%EPWater, 75%USACE)
Description – A pump station will be built in northeast El Paso including turbine pumps, electric and gas service, an emergency generator, and automated systems required for a first-class operating facility. This new pump station will improve service to the community.


Wastewater Projects

Frontera Force Main Emergency Repairs

Start Date – Winter 2020
Completion Date – Winter 2021
Construction Cost – Estimated $9,500,000
Description – This project will replace existing corroded steel lines with a fiberglass, corrosion-resistant line. This line conveys 10 million gallons a day of wastewater 3.5 miles to the Hickerson Water Reclamation Facility.

Montoya II and Navarrette Lift Stations Rehabilitation Improvements

Start Date – Summer 2019
Completion Date – Winter 2021
Construction Cost – $1,813,325
Description – This project will rehabilitate two lift stations due to corrosion, access and demand deficiencies. Improvements will be made to manholes and vaults, pumps, valves and electrical equipment. New wastewater lines will also be installed with improved fencing and site landscaping.


Reclaimed Projects

There are no reclaimed water projects under construction at this time.


Stormwater Projects

Sam Snead Recovery Project

Start – Fall 2019
Complete – February 2022
Construction Cost – $11,000,000
Description – Part of the Pico Norte Pond System, the Sam Snead Recovery Project is designed to collect, capture, and store 100-year storm event runoff along Sam Snead Drive. El Paso Water will install box culverts under Sam Snead Drive and approximately .5 miles of storm drain collection piping with manholes, inlets, and junction boxes. In addition, the project includes the replacement of .54 miles of water lines and .56 miles of wastewater lines complete with new valves, fire hydrants, manholes and service connections.

July 2021 PSB Emergency Resolution Stormwater Projects:

Ojo De Agua Channel
Mesa Park Arroyo
Sam Snead Drainage
Doniphan 2 Pump Station
Magdalena Pond
San Marcos Desilting Basin
High Ridge Channel
Canterbury Channel
Chevron Channel
Clearview Channel
Franklin Crest
New York Channel
Silver Springs
Fort Bliss Sump
Fort Bliss Diversion Conduit


Field Office and Customer Service Building

Start – Summer 2020
Complete – Winter 2021
Construction Cost – $19,273,000
Description – Project consists of a new 53,567 square foot building. Facility will host customer service, central control, field administrative services and several field operations sections.

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